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Cottage in Work & Rest Estate


Rent Amount  $600.00/month

Cozy furnished villa in a quiet mid-island community.  Very large, fenced yard makes you feel like you are one with nature.  Great for single person. Pets allowed.

Lot Size:  N/A

MLS#:  N/A

Pets:  Yes

Beds/Baths:  1/1

Short Term: No

Long term:  Yes

Status:  Rented

Amenities Included:

"I am happy to assist you with any property for sale in the United States Virgins Islands"

Valerie Sheppeard-Hankins

* Furnished
* Dishes, silverware, pots/pans, coffee maker, microwave
* Large Fenced Yard
* Pets allowed
* WiFi, Cable & Dish Network connections available (tenant

   pays for charges)

Utilities Included:

* None

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